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Being Content With Where You Are

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Living in the moment, being content with where you are, enjoying the now - all phrases that are much easier said than done.

I've had a pretty exciting past couple of years. I graduated from college, was promoted at work, got engaged and married, traveled to new places, moved to a new state and experienced other important life firsts. However, something I've been personally struggling with now is wondering what comes next.

Compared to all the excitement I've had the past two years, my life seems pretty boring right now. I'm quickly learning that boring is perfectly okay.

“We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.” - Bill Watterson

Just because life doesn't seem "exciting" doesn't mean it's going badly or that we've lost any purpose.

It's important to take a step back, be thankful for all you have and soak up every minute of the present. I feel like it's very common for people to work so hard preparing for big life events and focusing on what will be that they forget to enjoy all their hard work when the time actually comes. It's inevitable that once time passes, you'll be wishing you could go back to those special moments.

So how do we focus on the now?

  1. Be present. Try putting away your phone while with others. Make eye contact. Try not to let your thoughts wander and distract you.

  2. Take time for daily prayer or reflection. Keeping a journal will not only allow you to go back anytime and reflect on previous days, but it's a great outlet to write down your daily thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, it makes you extra aware of your surroundings.

  3. Practice gratitude. You can do this in a couple of ways. First, you can practice gratitude with your personal relationships. Tell people when you appreciate them or the things they do for you. Second, similar to daily reflection, write down 3-5 things you are thankful for every day. I like to do this in the evening right before I go to bed. I know a couple people who start their day with this practice, too.

Being content with where you are isn't always easy, but it can be fruitful. I challenge you to slow down and take time to soak up the here and now.

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