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Billie Razor Review

Are you outraged by the price of razors? Or constantly buying men’s razors because let’s face it – they’re obviously WAY better and often times cost less?

I’m glad you found this blog because I have found the solution to these problems. Allow me to introduce to you the Billie razor.

About Billie

"Razors made for Womankind."

Billie claims they are “Razors made for Womankind.” They offer affordable quality razors designed specifically for the curves of a woman at a reasonable cost.

The first time you order you will receive the Billie handle (razor body), a magnetic holder for your shower and two razor cartridges to start you off – all for just $9 (shipping is free).

You can choose your shipping frequency. The options are once a month, every two months and every three months. It totally depends on how often you shave your legs. No matter which option you choose, Billie will send you FOUR new razor blade replacements each time. Every time it sends, you are charged $9.

For a price comparison, I looked up the price of a 5-blade razor at Target and for the Up&Up brand, it’s $6.99 for ONE single-use razor.

Should you ever feel the need to cancel, you can do so with no strings attached at any time.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love this concept of a razor being shipped straight to my door and feel like I’m really getting a great deal.

I have used my Billie razor for over a year and the handle is still in excellent condition. The quality of the shave is incredible. Since I’ve started using Billie my legs and underarms always have a near-perfect, smooth shave.

Currently, I am receiving my replacement cartridges every 3 months and I have never felt like I’ve needed to increase that frequency. For reference, I usually shave a couple of times a week. I’ve never had an issue with the blade dulling before I replaced it. When I do replace the blade, it’s mainly for sanitary, not quality reasons.

Do I Recommend?

Yes. 100% yes. I personally never plan to step foot in the razor aisle at a store ever again after trying Billie. I think if you give it a try after reading this Billie razor review, you’d soon be agreeing with me.

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