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I Tried The Saalt Menstrual Cup

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

You maybe can already tell from the title of this post, but this article is going to address a topic some people may find to be uncomfortable. Also, Dad, if you're reading this, go ahead and just stop right now (LOL). Without further warning, I tried the Saalt Menstrual Cup. Now let's talk about it.

About the Product


The Saalt Menstrual Cup costs $28.99.


You can say goodbye to pink tax if you make the switch to a menstrual cup. Yes, this means no more trips to the tampon aisle. Saalt claims their cups can last for up to 10 years! That could save you a lot of money on your monthly feminine products!

It's comfortable!

If inserted properly, the cup sits very comfortably and really can't be felt at all. After a couple of hours, you would probably forget you're even wearing one. I thought it was definitely more comfortable than wearing a tampon or pad.


I didn't test this, but the Saalt company claims you can wear the cup for up to 12 hours, rather than typical feminine products that are recommended to be changed every four to six hours.


Here is what Saalt has to say about the safety and naturalness of their product:

"Made in the USA with 100% medical-grade silicone, the Saalt Cup is affordable premium period care. Our FDA registered and the chemical-free formula is naturally hypoallergenic, non-toxic and BPA and latex-free. Unlike tampons, it maintains your unique pH and will never dry you out, leave a fibrous residue or cause micro-tearing and risk infection and TSS."

Where To Buy

It is available for purchase on Amazon, Target, and Urban Outfitters.

My Honest Experience

Get ready for some honesty.

So, I originally purchased the Saalt cup off a recommendation of my friend. She raved about it.

After doing my own research and learning about all the pros of a menstrual cup, I was officially sold. I loved the idea of using a safe and natural product AND reducing waste at the same time. So, I pulled the trigger and ordered one from Amazon.

The only time I've ever wished for my period to come sooner was when I received my Saalt cup in the mail (LOL). I couldn't wait to try it out!

Alas, the day came that I could finally try my new menstrual cup. It took me a few tries to insert the cup properly, but once I did, I was in love. The cup was so comfortable!

Now, the moment of easy is it to take the cup out? Well, for my first time it was NOT easy.

Well, after the first attempt to remove, I didn't think the damn thing was coming out. I was frantically texting my friends asking if this feeling was normal. A couple of them mentioned similar experiences for their first time, too.

To get it out I felt like I had to literally push it out with all my physical might while trying to break the suction and pull it out. I had to constantly remind myself that it would come out because there was nowhere else it could physically go while in my body. This helped calm my mini freakout.

Once I did get the cup out, it wasn't as messy of a process as I thought it would be (or as you think it would be based on my description). For my first time using, the removal process probably took about five minutes.

To Conclude...

Long story short, I'm in love with this concept of a menstrual cup, but I haven't tried it again because I've been so scared from my first experience. However, I am determined to try again. I've done more research since then and learned when it comes to menstrual cups, it takes a few times to perfect your process and get the hang of things.

Overall, I'm glad I tried the Saalt Menstrual Cup! The product is a safe alternative to pads and tampons. I'd definitely recommend if you have the patience to learn how to use a new product.

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