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The Best Online Wedding Vendors

Updated: Jan 11

If you could plan your wedding with just your laptop while sitting on your couch, would you? I would! In fact, I kind of did. While I couldn't plan my whole wedding, I was able to take care of some of the more stressful things by using online wedding vendors.

The Best Online Wedding Vendors


I'm considering Amazon to be a vendor because they had so many great affordable wedding products. I was able to buy a lot of my decor and other random items from Amazon rather than go somewhere and rent.

I actually have a whole blog post dedicated to the wedding items I found on Amazon. Click here to read it!


Bride and bridesmaids

Azazie is an online shop for affordable bridal gowns, accessories, and bridesmaid dresses. It made my life so much simpler when I was able to send this website to my bridesmaids and tell them to pick out a dress they like.

It saved us all time to order dresses online and the price was definitely right!


HOLDEN allows you to pick the perfect ring online without the pressure of jewelry salespeople. They have multiple styles to choose from and you can even have your ring engraved for free!

My husband actually found this website when he was deciding what kind of wedding ring he wanted. We ordered a free ring sizer first, then ordered his actual ring.

Our online ring shopping was a success and my husband loves his ring!


This was probably my favorite online vendor! Flowers are such a fun part of wedding planning, but sometimes when you see how much it will cost, it sucks some of the fun out of the process. Bloominous sells Instagram-worthy flowers and claims to save couples 30-50% more than they’d spend at a florist.



Now that you know the best online wedding vendors - go crazy! Grab a bottle of wine, your laptop, and plan that wedding from your couch!

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