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3 Easy Tips to Save Money While Decorating Your Home

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Whether you have a new place or are just looking for a refresh, I have 3 easy tips to save money while decorating your home to share with you.

1. Look for Damaged Items

First of all, you might think I’m insane for saying this, but trust me, I’m on to something here!

When I say “damaged” I don’t mean look for items in horrible or unusable conditions. I mean to be on the lookout for minor scratches, chips, or flaws.

While you check out, ask the cashier for a discount on the damaged item. Most of the time you can get some pretty good savings out of this!

For example, we found our big “Hello” wooden sign at Ross and one of the cross beams on the back wasn’t attached properly when we found it. Overall, this one flaw did not affect how it would look or hang. So, we asked the cashier for a discount and ended up getting a 20% discount on that item! Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price!

The worst thing that could happen is you will get told no. There’s literally nothing to lose!

2. Price Match Your Items

When we bought our couches and bed frame we did it in person. Literally right when we got home after our purchase I got online to find a picture of what we bought to send to my parents.

While I was online I noticed the prices for the exact pieces we had just bought were way cheaper on the company’s website. We immediately called the store where we bought our furniture and asked for them to match their online price – and they did!

Because of this, we saved about $300 on our purchase. Be sure to do your research and find the best price before purchasing so you aren’t scrambling to fix your mistakes like us!

3. Shop During Holiday Sales

We bought the majority of our furniture and decor around the 4th of July because Target usually has a pretty big furniture sale during that time. I’m telling you if you can hold out for holiday sales then DO IT!

Usually, sellers will hold multi-day sales with some of their best prices. The most note-worthy holiday sales I've seen are Memorial Day, 4th of July and of course, Black Friday.

The price difference can easily be worth the wait.

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