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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Does it make you queasy to think about the amount of money you've spent at coffee shops? Well, that's how I feel. Or at least it did before I learned how to make cold brew coffee at home. Keep reading to find out my process!

What You'll Need

Brewing your own cold brew is actually super easy. You really only need a few things:

  1. Cold Brew maker with a filter

  2. Coffee grounds

  3. Water

  4. Creamer or milk (optional)

How to Brew

You need a pitcher or some type of cold brew maker for brewing. I used to use this 4 cup pitcher but found myself refilling it far too often (because Alex and I drink coffee so much), so I upgraded to a gallon container.

These pitchers or containers usually come with a filter that goes in the center - this is a necessary part for brewing!

First, add your coffee grounds to the filter core of the cold brew maker.

Next, pour water (does not have to be particularly hot or cold - either will work!) over the grounds into the cold brew maker to ensure all the grounds get wet.

After you add enough water to the fill line, place the cap on the cold brew maker and let sit in room temperature (OR I usually just put it straight in the refrigerator) for about 10-12 hours.

How to Serve

After you brewed the cold brew long enough, it's time to actually drink it. Pour the coffee over ice and add your creamer or milk as needed!

Pro Tips

1. Make your cold brew before going to bed and put the coffee in the fridge to brew. This way it will be cold and ready to drink in the morning!

2. Make coffee ice cubes with your cold brew to use in your drink to avoid it becoming too watered down.

You officially know how to make cold brew coffee at home - congrats!

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