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Should You Hire A Wedding Videographer?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Should you hire a wedding videographer? Well, that depends. I can't tell you exactly what to do, but I can share my experience with you and I hope that helps you come to a decision.

When I first started wedding planning, I was not sold on hiring a wedding videographer. It just wasn't a priority to me. I figured hiring someone to do video would be out of my budget. Plus, I already had a photographer hired so why would I need video, too?

Well, lucky for me, my best friend (who was planning her own wedding at the time) talked me into it!

Here are my thoughts on the subject.

I thought it would be a burden...

I had this worry that it would be annoying having someone parade behind us all day, but that was absolutely not the case. Our videographer scheduled in time to get some posed shots so it flowed well with our photography schedule. Then for all the candid footage, I honestly didn't even know they were near us capturing all the special moments. I never felt overcrowded.

Before I met with my videographer, I also thought I would have to tell her what shots to get and that worried me since I had no clue what would look good. Thankfully, after discussing all the day-of details, I felt more than comfortable handing over all the creative freedom to my videographer. She did not disappoint. A good videographer comes prepared and knows exactly what shots they need to make your video the best!

How to Find a Wedding Videographer

First things first, just search "wedding videographer near me" and you'll find TONS of options. Or simply start asking around your family and friends for referrals. Someone you already know is bound to have some sort of connection!

Side note: I was able to hire a talented friend of mine who I actually met during college. I had always been impressed with her work and she was just beginning to get into the wedding video business.

Before hiring anyone, make sure you view their portfolio. It's an important part of the search to make sure you like their previous work. Different videographers will have different creative styles and some might not match the vibe you want for your wedding.

Once you find the style you like, narrow your search down even more by eliminating anyone out of your budget.

Another important thing to do before you hire someone is to meet them face-to-face. This person will be with you for most of the day and it's important you get along with them or that you can stand to be with them for 8+ hours.

Do you already have a photographer? It's becoming more common that you can get a package deal from your photographer that includes videography, too. Don't be afraid to ask! If anything, your photographer might be able to recommend someone they know.


Overall, I'm so happy with my decision to hire a videographer.

Our wedding day felt like it flew by. There was so much going on. Luckily, I was able to catch small moments and details that our videographer captured.

Because we have our video we can forever look back and relive those precious moments from our special day. Whenever we watch it I honestly laugh and cry all over again.

So, should you hire a wedding videographer? If it fits in your budget and you want to capture your wedding day for a lifetime, then I'd say yes, go for it!

Videographer: Moonlit Visuals


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