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The Best Free People Ruby Jacket Dupe

It's no debate that Free People has some of the most comfortable AND cutest clothes in the casual and "affordable" fashion industry. However, for some, buying even just one of their pieces could break the bank!

If I buy a Free People item I try to buy second-hand or wait for a good sale. On occasion, I will buy something if it's a timeless, staple piece since their quality is amazing and I know it will last me a long time.

I actually first tried the Ruby Jacket from my monthly Nuuly subscription. I was obsessed, but even with the discounted price to purchase my rental item I just couldn't get myself to splurge on it.

Insert Target to save the day!! Recently, Target came out with a comparable jacket to the FP Ruby! I immediately ordered two of the color options and still spent less than what I would have on one FP jacket. ~Proud #PracticalWifey Moment~

There are so many "dupes" that get shared online and sometimes I think people throw that word around too much. So just know when I say it I MEAN IT! The materials of both jackets are definitely not the exact same, but they are both similar and great quality. In my opinion, the FP jacket was slightly thicker than the Target one. Both were fleece on the outside, with a smoother (and soft) inside lining.

Notable Differences

  • Sizing: While both jackets run oversized, the Free People version runs larger than the Target brand. I am usually a M or L in tops and I had room to spare in a Small from Free People. I ordered a Small from Target and while it fit comfortably and was long enough to cover my bum, it was definitely smaller than the FP sizing. When I tried to button the Target version I felt it was more snug than I'd like it to be.

  • Color Variety: The Target version is only available in 3-4 colors. The FP version is available in about 7+, I believe with new colors available seasonally. I will be honest, Free People wins on the cuter color options. They are more neutral.

  • Elbow Patch Detail: The Free People version has contrasting material patches on the elbows of the sleeves whereas the Target version is simply all fleece.

  • Pockets: Free People has pockets and Target version does not.

  • Price: Free People is $128. Target is $36.

Which Would I Recommend?

Either!! Both are phenomenal pieces to have in your wardrobe. If you don't care about name brands, or want the look for less, definitely go with the Target brand. However, if you have the money to spend on the real deal you won't be disappointed either. The quality of the FP jacket is incredible and I'm obsessed with the fit.

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