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Where to Change Your Name After Marriage

...and GIF's to describe each place!

Congratulations! You're either married or getting married and if you're reading this, you might be thinking about taking your new spouse's last name. If you haven't thought about where to change your name after marriage, fear not, I have just the list for you!

This is not your ordinary list. While it will be informative, I hope my carefully chosen (and overly dramatic) GIF's can make you smile as you are stressing about when you'll possibly have the time to make all these changes.

Don't stress too much though. You can and will get everything changed!

Social Security

First things first. Social Security. Yes, go ahead and mentally prepare to take a number and wait your turn.

Driver's License

Throw on some mascara and lip gloss because it's time to update your driver's license! While you're all dolled up, don't forget to get a new passport, too.

Bank Accounts

Don't forget to take your new social security card, driver's license, and marriage certificate!

At this point, you're probably questioning why you wanted to change your name legally. I definitely did.

Voter Registration

While you're on a roll with changing your last name, go ahead and update your voter registration. There are many easy ways you can do this including online or by mail. Click here to learn more about how you can update.

Car Title

I'm including this because if you're like me, you might not think of this right away. You basically have to "sell your car to yourself".

Depending on how your state's tag office laws, this could be painless or it could make you feel dead inside. Okay, that might be a little dramatic...


Ah, your favorite part of adulthood - insurance. It's important to get this updated so you can get your new name on your insurance cards sooner than later.

Credit Cards

All this usually takes is a phone call to your credit card company. You'll be back to swiping your favorite piece of plastic in no time.

Rent, Mortgage, and Utilities

Yep, another important thing to update. I'll let Michael Scott tell you how fun this whole process is... ;)

Tell Your Employer

Last, but not least - let your employer know of your marriage and name change. You will likely need to update some paperwork, too.


To conclude, be prepared to take your marriage certificate, social security card and driver's license with you to many places to prove your identity and change your name after marriage.

Now that the dirty work is done, it's back to the magical marital bliss! This is such an important season in your life, so make sure to enjoy it!

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