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The Best Restaurants in Maui You Need to Try

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Planning a trip to Maui and need ideas on where to eat? I've got you covered with ten of the best restaurants in Maui you need to try!

While Alex and I were on our honeymoon we wanted to eat like locals and try new places for every meal. Here are our top picks of (mostly local) places to eat in Maui:


Let me just say the coffee was a 10/10! They offer select breakfast pastries and açaí bowls, too. I thought the açaí bowl was refreshing and delicious. It was a perfect place for a quick breakfast on a budget!

This place is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we went for breakfast so I'm keeping it in my breakfast recommendations. First, the ambiance of the restaurant was so fun. They had indoor and outside seating. I ordered Eggs Benedict (my usual) and it was fantastic. Highly recommend.

Super budget-friendly!! We knew this place would be great because when we arrived, the line was out the door! It’s another great local gem that was recommended to us. They specialize in cinnamon rolls but also serve other breakfast items likes sandwiches. Would absolutely recommend if looking for budget-friendly breakfast options!

Talk about a meal with a view! Humble Market Kitchin, celebrity chef Roy Yamaguchi's restaurant, had a beautiful view of the ocean with indoor and outdoor seating options. I had the most expensive avocado toast I’ve ever eaten and it was totally worth the price (at least while I was on vacay mode).

Lunch & Dinner:

This place blew me away. It was the literal definition of a hole in the wall. Literally. We almost couldn’t find it after we got out of our uber because it was sandwiched between so many other storefronts, but I’m glad we eventually did. I ordered the Drunken Noodles (without chicken) and to this day I still dream of it.

Great place to go for lunch or dinner. It had a fun atmosphere, delicious food & an awesome drink menu. I had the BEST pulled pork sandwich. This place is a little on the expensive side (at least we considered it to be), but they do have happy hour specials – take advantage!!

Best. Steak. EVER! I’m a sucker for a buttery, cooked-to-perfection steak. And let me tell you, Ruth Chris Steakhouse delivered! If you’re looking for a nice, up-scale dinner then this would be the perfect place. We found out after our trip this restaurant is actually in multiple other states - so it isn't local, but it's delicious!!

Alex claims this place was the best! He still raves about how this place made the best fish tacos he’s ever eaten in his life. Not being a fan of seafood, I ordered pork tacos & they were spectacular. Not to mention, the service was top notch. As soon as we walked in the man working took time to explain to us the restaurant's history and the most popular menu items. After we received our food he went through all the "layers" of ingredients in our tacos and explained why they chose specific ingredients. It was almost as educational as it was delicious. I definitely recommend adding this place to your meal itinerary!


Coffee & ice cream. What else do you need in life!? Lappert's was so great we made it a part of our daily routine!

Hipster alert!! We stopped here for coffee once before we went off for our daily adventures. It was a picturesque (seriously, see for yourself!) little coffee shop that served all sorts of coffee drinks and select breakfast pastries. Akamai Coffee prides themselves on being locally grown, locally roasted, and 100% Maui.


There you have it, my personal recommendations for where to eat on your next Maui vacation.

Pro Tip: Get out of your hotel & try the local restaurants. Many of the places we went to were suggested by our local uber drivers. They gave so many great recommendations on where to eat. Don't be afraid to talk to the people who live there and know all the best places!


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