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Who to Buy Wedding Flowers For

Updated: Jul 3

When I was ordering flowers for my wedding, I found myself scrambling and making lists of who to buy wedding flowers. Not to mention the overwhelm that comes from just choosing between all the flower types like calla lilies and garden roses, picking out the right florist, or deciding on your color palette for your special day. I think it's important to preface this blog post with who you buy flowers for on your big day is totally your decision. Don't let a "timeless tradition" or "social norms" dictate how you plan your wedding. I quickly learned the fewer opinions involved in the planning process, the better. Wheter you're a DIY bride putting together your own wedding flowers or just want to get an idea of what you need before talking to local florists, you're in the right place because I've got you covered on the most common people and decor items to provide with some sort of floral accessory on the wedding day. 

Who to Buy Wedding Flowers For


Bride - Obviously!!! :) A bold bouquet of beautiful flowers is a must for the bride!

Bridesmaids - Usually similar to the bride's bouquet or save money and use smaller arrangements for the bridesmaids to help the bride stand out.  

Flower Girls - This one might depend on the age of the flower girl(s). An alternative option and one that might be your first choice is getting a flower crown. 


Group of Boutonnieres

Groom - Don't forget this guy! He's pretty important! :)

Groomsmen - Another important group of fellas!

Ring Bearer - This one might depend on the age of the ring bearer.

Fathers of the Bride and Groom


Godparents - This will definitely vary based on your relationship, but sometimes people will include Godparents in the flower count.

Ushers - Very optional, but a popular role to accessorize with a boutonniere.

Wrist Corsages

Wrist corsage for formal event.

Mothers of the Bride and Groom


Godparents - This will definitely depend on your relationship, but sometimes people like to include their Godparents on their flower list.

Anyone with a role in the ceremony - Examples of this would include your guestbook attendees or anyone who might be saying a special reading at your ceremony.


Tablescape for a wedding or formal event.

Cake Flowers - If my wedding flower website, Bloominous (DIY wedding flowers website), hadn't suggested these for me, I would have totally forgotten to order! The great thing is you can decide how little or how many flowers you want on your cake. It is 100% for show, so not a necessity. If you're worried about the cost of flowers or have a tight wedding budget you could skip using premium fresh flowers for this and go with something faux! 

Table Centerpieces  - Think floral arrangements for cocktail table, head table, etc. Size and quantity will obviously vary based on your individual style. 

Backdrops - If you're doing some type of arch deck it out with gorgeous flowers! Going the extra mile with a flower swag of beautiful blooms can elevate the look immediately and bring an elegant energy. 

Garland - Don't forget foliage garlands when thinking of your dream wedding floral vision! Anything that's not classic traditional bouquets are often overlooked. 

Pew Markers - Depending on where your wedding ceremony takes place these might not be relevant, but if you plan to be in a church some extra floral décor on the pews/benches would look beautiful! 


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