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My Honest Bloominous DIY Wedding Flowers Review

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Ordering wedding flowers online? Say WHAT!? Yes, it's possible and I'm writing this Bloominous wedding flowers review because it can be nerve-racking to take a chance on an online vendor.

I know because that's exactly what I did! So, here is the lowdown on this online flower service.

What is Bloominous?

Bloominous is an online wedding flower service. They sell Instagram-worthy flowers and claim to save couples 30-50% more than they'd spend at a florist.

They offer different collections of flowers you can choose from or the chance to work with a stylist to design your own collection. It's basically all customizable!

Ordering the Flowers

Orders can be placed as much as a year in advance to as little as 30 days in advance. However, dates can fill up quickly, especially during the spring (wedding busy season). They advise reserving your date and placing your flower order with as much advance notice as possible.

Once you order, Bloominous service reps will keep in touch with you as it gets closer to your date. They send emails with helpful information and even set up a phone call with you to go over how the delivery will work.

If you have ANY questions, you have plenty of chances to ask.


There was a minimum price requirement of $500, which was an easy minimum to meet.

For price reference, I ordered the following:

screenshot of bloominous order

I was able to mix and match the flowers I wanted. For example, I wanted a cheaper option and different look on my boutonnieres than the ones that were in my style collection, so I was able to go to other collections and choose which I liked best.

I was also able to customize flowers for different members of my wedding party. For example, I ordered my husband a different boutonniere than the groomsmen and ordered a couple of nicer corsage options for my mother and mother-in-law.


When do the Flowers Arrive?

My wedding was on a Saturday and my flowers arrived the Wednesday before. You must have a wedding on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday to order the DIY Flower Kit.

How do the Flowers Arrive?

The fresh, cut-to-order flowers arrive via FedEx overnight delivery.

What Comes in the Bloominous Wedding Flowers Delivery?

Ingredients (flowers), recipes on how to assemble the flowers, tools for assembly, and accessories (ribbons).

DIY Assembly

The bouquets were the easiest and quickest thing to assemble. Once we (me and one of my bridesmaids) arranged one bouquet, we were able to crank out the others fairly quickly.

I didn't time it exactly, but I spent roughly 3 - 4 hours putting together bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages and that was with multiple hands helping.


When my flowers arrived, most of what I had received looked amazing! However, some of the roses I received appeared to be browning and wilting.

After noticing the wilting, I quickly reached out to the Bloominous support team to voice my concerns. They mentioned the roses have guard petals on the outside and that was what was browning.

I was instructed to pick off the guard petals to allow the roses to bloom and stick the flowers in water immediately to avoid them looking "sleepy". This helped!

I was super nervous about how everything would look the day of the wedding, but everything ended up looking fantastic! If the wedding had been even one more day later though, I don't think the flowers would have made it.

Final Thoughts - Bloominous DIY Wedding Flowers Review

I'm really happy with my decision to go with Bloominous.

I saved time and money while still feeling like my flowers were unique. They definitely provided a beautiful look to my wedding photos.

Even with the couple hiccups I faced, I am overall very pleased with the flower service Bloominous provided me.

The customer service was very prompt to answer any of my questions via email. They also provide a lot of great information and frequently asked questions on their website.

I would definitely recommend Bloominous to any bride planning a wedding on a budget or just looking for a unique floral option.


Thank you for reading my Bloominous Wedding Flowers review. Looking for more wedding planning advice? Check out my other wedding blog posts! I also have a whole list of affordable wedding items you can buy on Amazon - you won't want to miss reading it.

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