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My Top 3 Most Popular Wedding Blog Posts

Over time, I have published quite a few wedding-related blog posts. I have rounded up my top 3 most popular wedding blog posts. My hope is that by sharing my past experiences it will bring you (or someone you know in this season of life) ease of planning and reduce your wedding stress! 

Affordable Wedding Items You Can Buy On Amazon

If you’re wondering how to throw an affordable wedding, I have one word for you. Amazon. This is my most popular blog for good reason. I share all my favorite affordable wedding items you can buy on Amazon. I’m talking about decor, accessories, tableware, and more!

My Honest Bloominous DIY Wedding Flowers Review

My second most popular wedding blog is all about wedding flowers! I chose to order my wedding flowers from Bloominous. I've shared a full review and recap of my experience. It's a must read! 

Where To Change Your Name After Marriage

You know...for this particular dreaded topic I actually had a lot of fun writing this blog. While it will be informative, I hope my carefully chosen (and overly dramatic) GIF’s can make you smile as you are stressing about when you’ll possibly have the time to make all these name changes.


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